South Florida National Cemetery

West Palm Beach, Florida

Services Provided:

A² Group, Inc. had two contracts with the Department of Veteran Affairs for the development of the South Florida National Cemetery in West Palm Beach, Florida.  The first contract was for the Fast Track Area. The work included the development of 57 acres on a 313-acre unimproved site, a committal shelter, entrance drive, administration and maintenance complex and trailers, burial areas containing 5,535 traditional grave sites and 5,204 sites for the in-ground interment of cremated remains, flag-assembly area, site signage and furnishings, grading, drainage, well installation, irrigation system, exotic plant treatment, tree relocations, general utilities, landscape and hardscape features, enhancement and preservation of existing wetland and uplands habitat. As part of the USACE and SFWMD permit requirements, we restored an existing wetland to its preexisting conditions. This entailed removing of exotic plant and providing proper mitigation procedures to restore the wetland area.  Permit conditions required the protection of certain fish and wildlife resources such as gopher tortoise, eastern indigo snake (drymarchon corais couperi), and a nesting bald eagle. The first contract was completed three months early (April 2007). The second was completed two months early (April 2008).