Puerto Rico National Cemetery

Bayamon, Puerto Rico

Services Provided:
Design and Construction

A² Group, Inc. had a contract with the Department of Veteran Affairs for the Design/Build and Development of the Burial Area-Crypt Installation at Section NN of the Puerto Rico National Cemetery. The cemetery is situated on 108.2 acres of which 77.31 were being developed, the cemetery accommodates casketed and cremated remains. We were responsible for providing all labor, materials, tools, equipment, and design-build services necessary for the design and construction of approximately one thousand, five hundred and ninety-eight (1,598) double depth pre-placed crypts, and installation of gravesite control monuments. An engineered drainage field was installed under the pre-placed crypts. Gravesite control monuments were placed after the crypts were installed. In addition, we were responsible for the manufacture, delivery, off-loading at site, and all additional material costs associated with the production of a one thousand, five hundred and ninety-eight 1,598 double depth polymer crypt system for general construction. The crypt system consists of concrete slab/footing,  CMU walls, and double depth polymer crypts with concrete lids.