Wekiva Parkway Interchange

Apopka, Florida

Services Provided:
Construction, Engineering, & Inspections

A² provided CEI services for Wekiva Parkway 429-204 Systems Interchange of SR 429 & SR 453 for the Central Florida Expressway Authority (CFX). The contract included construction of the new 2.63 mile segment of the limited access roadway in Apopka, Florida. The project extends through 175 acres of greenfield, with nearly 150 acres of clearing and grubbing, 51,000 SF of house/associated structures demolition and 30,000 LF of existing fence removal. The project included eight bridges composed of 8,436 LF of 48-72" haunched concrete U-girders, 72,792 LF of 18" concrete piling. It also included 201,000 SY of roadway construction, 243,000 CY of excavation, 2.48 million CY of import embankment, a 6 month surcharge area, 7,131 CY of sinkhole grouting, 47,800 tons of asphalt, 23,900 LF of drainage piping and structures. The longest of the bridges was a 2,550 LF flyover ramp composed of curved post tensioned concrete haunched U-girders. The work also included pond construction, FON construction, CCTV, highway lighting, sign structures, signage, pavement markings, sod, seed and mulch.