SR 836 Modifications at 87th Avenue

Miami, Florida

Services Provided:
Construction, Engineering, & Inspections

A² is providing CEI services for the SR 836 Interchange Modifications at 87th Avenue for Miami Dade Expressway Authority (MDX). The scope of this project includes the reconstruction of the SR 836 Mainline and NW 87th Avenue Interchange to enhance the mainline and existing ramps, improvements to the NW 87th Avenue and NW 12th Street. There will be seven new bridges including a new flyover ramp that will provide direct connection from westbound NW 12th Street to westbound SR 836. In addition, the scope involves the construction of noise barriers, MSE Walls, signing and pavement markings, lighting, drainage, utility coordination, Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) infrastructure, landscaping, and a new bicycle path along NW 12th Street. There is also Infrastructure for the permanent electronic toll facility located on the eastbound ramp from NW 87th Avenue to SR 836.